Sunday, February 14, 2010

baby coco

so its been a while since we have updated our blog...
I am at about 20 weeks and I felt coco kick for the first time this week and it was crazy! It was a wednesday morning at 9:50 and I was lying in bed and all of a sudden she started kicking me and so later that night derek was able to feel her as well and it was a special moment. Ever since then every time I stay still for a period of time she starts kicking me.
My belly popped out about two weeks ago and finally gained my first pound. But at least now I look pregnant and not just really full after a big meal.


  1. I agree!!! I need to see some pics please!!!

  2. Alyssa Syssa! Glad you got yourself a blog. I am so happy for you and Derek! Keep us posted on your progress with Baby Coco! xoxoxo Allison